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Lori A. Wrzesinski

Certified Health & Life Coach


Welcome. I am so glad you are here. I am a transformational health, life, and mindset coach. I believe the pain we all experience throughout life has the power to move, even catapult us into transformative experiences. I have navigated many of life’s challenges: health struggles, divorce, job loss. I know what it feels like to get “stuck” and be uncertain or afraid to take a step forward. That is why I am passionate about showing others how to replace shame with curiosity and ignite within them, the resilience that is already within them. During this journey, I guide you to identify those things that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. We then uncover and identify those paths upon which you can step and move confidently forward into the health and life you desire. It doesn't matter the size of the steps you take. It is the fact that you are willing to walk to take them, even when you are afraid and uncertain. 


I am a certified health and life coach through the Health Coach Institute and a certified trainer in the CIJ Clarity Catalyst Program which is based on a Stanford University Master's program. It is an honor and a privilege for me to walk alongside those who are ready for their journey. It starts with saying yes to yourself and telling yourself you are worth it. 

I have a B.A. in Psychology from Illinois Benedictine College and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Roosevelt University. For 35 years I have worked with youth, adults, families, and organizations in various capacities such as: individual counseling, training groups and organizations, and facilitating workshops.  This experience includes topics such as stress management, goal setting, taking charge of your health and wellness, effective communication, and community collaboration. I have extensive experience in creating space in communities for collaboration so cooperation among individuals and community resulting in organizations effectively addressing all manner of social issues. 


Today my passion is equipping women of all ages to “look at themselves in the mirror” and see the beauty that is within them. Walking alongside other women, guiding them to see their health and wellness from all angles (body, heart, mind, soul, social) and knowing that we are all works in progress, has been humbling. I see every person for their uniqueness and honor that, because the world wants us to “set filters” on our lives so that we can “fit in.”  There’s no need for that; do you because there’s only one you!

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